Choosing a new automobile has never been simpler, thanks to Fiat's efforts to streamline the process for its customers. Fiat and Fiat Professional streamline their product lines to provide a quicker and more user-friendly customer experience. Both manufacturers' commercial websites and dealerships now include streamlined three-step processes for customers to select their new car or light commercial vehicle.

With the new lineup, customers may personalize their ride to their liking by picking out the make, model, color, and optional extras they want. Depending on the preferences and requirements of Fiat clients, one of three potential equipment bundles (Style, Tech, or Comfort) can be selected. So that customers are not limited in their ability to mix and match packs, each pack has been carefully crafted not to have the same content.

Finally, Fiat offers a simple but complete solution to meet the needs of the most demanding customers: a top-of-the-line version representing the most equipped and fully accessible across all models. This complete edition has all three bundles and more. For the New Fiat 500 electric car, the unique "La Prima by Bocelli" remains the pinnacle trim level.

Fiat Professional has adapted the new range logic by further refining Fiat's simplified approach. As a result, commercial vehicles will be offered in a single configuration, though, due to the complexity and uniqueness of each vehicle, the offer will also include a variety of bodywork and remarkable "fit for mission" packs to tailor the product to the varying requirements of customers in the business world.

Each bundle is optimized to provide a specific set of features, such as "Capabilities and Conversion," "Comfort and Functionalities," "Safety and Driving Support," and "Style," and can be further customized with other accessories.


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