The final design of the Alfa Romeo Tonale largely corresponds to the concept vehicle also designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. The new Alfa Romeo Tonale is aimed at a young, metropolitan, and dynamic clientele. It offers a distinctive, sensual, and forward-thinking design that will guide the development of Alfa Romeo's product range.

Characteristics of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale are light-alloy rims in a five-hole design, the instrument cluster in the telescopic instrument panel, the three-spoke sports steering wheel, and the headlights, each with three semicircular lights. With compact dimensions - 4.53 meters long, 1.84 meters wide, and 1.60 meters high - the Alfa Romeo Tonale combines typical Italian design with the style distinctive of the brand. As a result, the design represents a synthesis of prestigious heritage and a look to the future.

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale shows stylistic features that have gone down in the history of the automobile. The sideline is reminiscent of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT coupé. The alternation of complete and elegant volumes on the sides refers to iconic models such as the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. The front of the Alfa Romeo Tonale shows the trilobed typical of the brand, including the shield-shaped radiator grille called Scudetto in Italian.

The three-piece headlights with an adaptive full LED matrix cite Alfa Romeo SZ Zagato and the Proteo concept car. The three headlight modules, developed in collaboration with Marelli, form a unique graphic and feature daytime running lights, dynamic indicators, and a" "Welcome and Goodby" function. This is activated when the Alfa Romeo Tonale is locked or unlocked.

The adaptive headlights adapt the low beam to the speed and the respective road conditions. Adaptive high beam automatically dims to avoid dazzling vehicles ahead or oncoming cars. In addition, cornering lights are integrated into the headlight modules. This technology ensures longer headlight life, saves energy, and offers around twice the light output of conventional headlights. They combine improved safety with less eye strain and greater driving comfort.

The taillights adopt the same design cues as the front headlights. They form a sine curve that completely encloses the rear of the vehicle, making the light signature just as unique and unmistakable.

The sensuality and dynamism of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale are also evident in the wraparound rear window, which pays homage to the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. The alloy wheels show the legendary five-hole design.

Inspired by AlfaRomeo'ss racing history, the cockpit is driver-focused. All controls are within easy reach. The same care is given to the passengers, who enjoy great comfort. The entire interior is designed around the driver and passengers. Design and materials testify to the attention to detail and the highest quality.

The interior of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale arouses emotions. It is equipped with modern technology that guarantees contemporary connectivity and a high comfort level without neglecting sporty driving pleasure.

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale is the first vehicle to offer the technology of a non-fungible token(NFT). This term describes a forgery-proof digital certificate. Alfa Romeo is the first automobile manufacturer to equip a production vehicle with an NFT. This technology is based on the blockchain concept, which immutably records the essential stages in the car's life. This unique feature underlines AlfaRomeo'ss innovation strategy. With the owner's consent, the NFT records necessary vehicle data and creates a certificate that can be used, for example, as proof that the vehicle has been adequately maintained. This documentation will positively affect the residual value, for example. In the used car market, NFT certification provides an added layer of security that sellers or dealers can rely on.

Alfa Romeo uses software and connectivity to enhance the driving experience that is at the core. The new Alfa Romeo Tonale is equipped with the most advanced technology to ensure a connected and comfortable driving experience. The driving fun typical of an Alfa Romeo is not neglected.

One of the most important innovations of the Alfa Romeo Tonale is integrating the language assistant Amazon Alexa. For example, certain data on the vehicle status can be conveniently queried from a distance, including the battery's charge level and the fuel level. In addition, Amazon Alexa helps find points of interest or the vehicle's current location, transmit commands to lock and unlock the doors, and much more. Amazon Alexa can also be used to add products to a shopping list, search for a nearby restaurant, or control a home automation system.

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale comes standard with an innovative infotainment system. In addition, Over-the-air (OTA) updates are possible with a customizable operating system (Android) and 4G connectivity; over-the-air (OTA) updates are possible. As a result, content, functions, and services are always up to date.

The infotainment system has a 12.3-inch screen and a 10.25-inch touchscreen (31.2 or 26.0 centimeters screen diagonal). As a result, the driver has all functions under control without having to take his eyes off the road. With a total size of 22.5 inches (57.2 centimeters), the two full TFT screens in the new Alfa Romeo Tonale are among the largest in the segment.

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale technology is also at the service of safety and comfort: level 2 autonomous driving is possible thanks to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The systems intervene without affecting the driving experience. As a result, the driver is always in complete control.

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale driver assistance systems include Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (IACC), Advanced Lane Keeping Assist, and Traffic Jam Assist. They automatically maintain the speed and steer their vehicle in the middle of the lane and at a certain distance from the car in front. The Alfa Romeo Tonale also has other innovative technologies that perfect the interaction between driver, vehicle, and traffic. The autonomous emergency brake assistant warns the driver of danger and automatically activates the brakes in an emergency to avoid or mitigate a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, for example. If necessary, the drowsiness assistant prompts the driver to take a break. The blind spot assistant monitors the blind spot of the exterior mirrors and reports vehicles approaching from behind. When reversing, rear lateral movement detection detects and warns of vehicles coming from the side. And finally, the high-resolution 360° camera offers dynamic guidelines.

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale marks the brand's entry into the world of electrification. Alfa Romeo follows its paradigm: electrification must serve the brand and its DNA to reinvent sportiness for the 21st century. The new Alfa Romeo Tonale is a concrete commitment to a future-focused on sustainable mobility while remaining true to the brand's core values.

The new Alfa Romeo offers two levels of electrification: hybrid and plug-in hybrid. The new hybrid drive with a displacement of 1.5 liters was developed exclusively for Alfa Romeo. The engine is equipped with a turbocharger with variable geometry "VG" (Variable Geometry Turbo) and has an output of 118 kW (160 hp). Furthermore, with the Alfa Romeo TCT seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and a 48-volt electric motor, which provides an additional 15 kW and 55 Nm of torque, the hybrid version of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale also runs purely electrically.

The drive enables starting and driving in electric mode at low speeds, for example, when parking. Alfa Romeo has chosen this technical solution to offer an authentic electrifying driving experience.

A 96 kW (130 hp) hybrid version will also be available for market launch, also combined with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and the 48-volt electric motor.

The exclusive 202 kW (275 hp) plug-in hybrid drive guarantees top performance. Combined with Alfa Q4 all-wheel drive, the Alfa Romeo Tonale with this motor accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds and achieves a range of up to 80 kilometers in the city cycle in pure electric mode or over 60 kilometers in the combined cycle – both are Best values ​​in this segment.

The engine range of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale is rounded off by a 1.6-liter turbo diesel that produces 96 kW (130 hp) and 320 Newton meters of torque. This engine is combined with the six-speed Alfa Romeo TCT dual-clutch transmission and front-wheel drive.


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