Safety will continue to shine like the brightest star in the Subaru emblem. In test after test, the new Outback was awarded top marks for its road safety, and when Euro NCAP compiled its fiscal year, Subaru's large family car stood out as the one with the highest total safety score of all five-star cars! With a total test result of 88.8%, Euro NCAP has named the Subaru Outback the safest car they tested in 2021! I'm sure that the new Subaru Solterra electric SUV will rise to the same heights.

The Subaru Outback excelled mainly in the test categories of pedestrian protection and driver support systems, where the individual test results were the highest achieved by any other car. For example, the test result was 84% protection for unprotected road users such as pedestrians and cyclists and 95% for Subaru's advanced driver support system in the Outback.

These results come from 30 years of experience in the continuous development of advanced and reliable technology systems to manufacture the world's safest cars—for those in the car and outside it.

In both categories, the unique EyeSight feature from Subaru was a big reason why the Outback did so well by a good margin.

The EyeSight system is based on information collection with a stereo camera. It acts as an alert and competent co-pilot with intelligent cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, automatic braking, and evasive maneuvering for moving and fixed obstacles, including animals and humans. Today, such driver assistance systems are crucial for Euro NCAP to award a car a safety rating of five stars. As part of Subaru's ambition to manufacture the world's safest cars, driver assistance systems, with all available functions, are included as standard equipment in all of Subaru's cars.

The philosophy, however, extends far beyond an advanced co-pilot. The goal that everyone should be safe in and outside of a Subaru is based on the principle "many streams are small" and permeates the entire construction. Subaru has taken a holistic view of road safety. Everything is equally important to fulfill the vision from the protective body, via safe and reliable driving characteristics, to high-grade riding comfort in all weathers and on all surfaces. The Subaru Outback has a permanent four-wheel drive with a communicative driving feel that inspires confidence. A spacious and comfortable environment contributes to a relaxing driving experience that makes it easier for the driver to take in and process more traffic information while maintaining the ability to concentrate for a longer time. 

For the 2022 model year and for Subaru Solterra electric SUV, the front seats now have adjustable thigh support to make them more comfortable.

Subaru has been developing the EyeSight driver assistance system for over 30 years. In the Outback, it is in its fourth generation. It has stereo camera image recognition software with a field of view area almost twice as wide as the previous generation. In addition, the system has 11 safety functions: Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control with lane centering, emergency lane assistant, current speed plate recognition with intelligent speed limiter, lane departure warning with steering wheel vibrations, Lane Departure Prevention, which recognizes dividing lines in the roadway as grass and roadside, and the Pre-Collision Braking System, which avoids collisions at intersections.

The latest test protocol adopted by Euro NCAP to evaluate road safety in passenger cars also considers how the vehicles handle tired or inattentive drivers. As a test step, the Subaru Outback was well-equipped thanks to Subaru's technology for face recognition and Driver Monitoring System.

Compared with older test protocols, higher demands are also placed on cruise control systems and the cars' ability to intervene with autonomous braking and evasive maneuvers to avoid collisions between vehicles. Euro NCAP has also made new test scenarios for auto brake functions with higher target speeds and less visibility to make the roads safer for people who aren't in a car. 

The Subaru Outback's safety equipment also includes an autonomous braking function for obstacles in connection with reversing, detection of rear vehicles, a function that reminds the driver to keep an eye in the rear seat when parking, and Multi-View monitors: Front View/Rear View/Side View Monitors, which reduce the vehicle's blind spots for safer driving.

The latest generation Subaru Outback is built on the Subaru Global Platform, which helps the Outback perform at a top level even in cases where a collision is inevitable. The body has been significantly strengthened with a new structural basic construction with an annular safety cage and the addition of reinforcing beams. In addition, the amount of high-strength steel has been increased to make the body lighter and better able to absorb and distribute crash forces. This has improved the safety of passengers in a crash by 40%.  @via Subaru.


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