Are you thinking about taking care of your physical and emotional health? Welcome to our club! In fact, with today's applications, we don't need any more clubs or worries. There are over 318,000 physical and emotional health applications available. From intelligent food choices to exercise and better sleep, these apps help turn health goals into healthy habits. So, get your water bottle and smartphone and check out these six apps that can help you take control of your health.

Omada Health

Available for iOS and Android.

Omada Health app was developed to help users lose weight and reduce their diabetes and heart disease risk. Omada provides the tools and supports you need to succeed, helping you divide your health goals into small, simple steps. The Omada app lets you hold track of your meals and activity/exercise, provides lessons on nutrition and stress and puts you in touch with a health coach to support and guide you in this progress.


Available for iOS and Android.

MapMyWalk observes your daily walks and utilizes Google Maps to show you your route using your smartphone's GPS. It also gathers and displays your speed, distance and calories burned. In addition, you get audio updates on how you're doing while you're on the go and use the website to track your history, make friends, join groups, and see how your friends are doing.

Pillow (Sleep Tracker)

Available for iOS.

Price: $ 0, $ 4.99 one-time fee to unlock premium features.

This sleep tracker easy-to-use app provides precise information about your sleep cycle to assist you in getting a night of more restful sleep. It's simple, put your phone on the mattress next to the pillow while you sleep, and Pillow will keep an eye on your activity during the night. You can also analyze and record sleep, heart rate, and audio events, such as snoring, sleep talking, or sleep apnea.

Sign in to the Apple Health app to compare your sleep with other health measures. Pillow's intelligent alarm clock allows you to wake up relaxed. In addition, the application comes with features that will enable you to keep track of your mood during the day and give you personalized recommendations. Premium features include unlimited access to sleep history, sleep modes, access to an extensive library of programs and wake-up and sleep aids, and the ability to export and download data for use with other programs.


Available for iOS.

Price: $ 0, various premium levels are available starting at $ 1.99.

Fooducate allows you to keep track of the foods you eat every day and educates you about healthy eating choices. The Fooducate app will enable you to enter the foods you eat to find their nutritious value by examining a barcode or searching the comprehensive database. The app also provides a daily flow of tips and articles to help motivate you on your food journey. So take a look at the food archive, check out the top food choices, and set personal goals exceeding weight loss. Fooducate can even mail you a reminder on your smartphone to utilize while shopping at the supermarket.

Instant Heart Rate + HR Monitor

Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone;

Price: $ 4.99, various premium levels are available starting at $ 3.99.

Whether you're just beginning a training schedule or training for years, your heart rate indicates your fitness level. This simple heart rate app lets you discover your heart rate in 10 seconds or less. Just put your fingertip on the phone's camera, and the app will detect your finger color changes every time your heartbeats. Then it tells you your heart rate and puts the data in an easy-to-understand diagram. Additional features allow you to keep your heart healthy, access motivational videos and sounds, and receive emails with tips on healthy living.


Available for iOS.

Price: $ 0, $ 4.99 one-time fee to unlock premium features

The HabitList app is developed to give you everything you need to set and achieve your health goals, all in a clear, straightforward design. Enter your objectives, and the app splits everything down into clear steps by day and frequency to help you stay focused. The app allows you remain motivated, encouraging you to beat your personal best with each repeated task and then rewarding yourself when you do it. View trends over time, create a flexible, personalized goal program, and quickly check your healthy activity list.


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