We live in a society where it is increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction, myth from truth. It is challenging to feel happy and healthy when you do not have time to reflect on your desires. It is critical to take a break at least once a day and do something you like. When you are not glued to the television or checking your phone's alerts, when do you recharge your batteries? It is often necessary to abstain from dangerous behaviors to live a better life!

The more temperance you achieve, the clearer your thinking and the happier your mood will be. Breaks assist you in determining your next course of action.

1. Switch off the television.

One of the most convenient activities in the world, particularly in the evening, is to sit down with a plate of food (ideally heavy in calories, but that is less important) and watch television. However, suppose you spend excessive time watching reality shows in front of the television, including criminal investigations or cancan shows. In that case, they become your reality and begin to define your life. So, several days a week, abstain entirely from watching television and consider what else you would like to do at that time. For example, consider reading, meditating, writing, participating in sports, or playing with your children/friends/puppy - and abstain from eating in front of the television every day, as the portions become hard to regulate!

2. Take a social media break.

Social networks may provide you with the best and worst human nature as a tumultuous combination of viewpoints, self-promotion, selfies, and frequent aggressiveness. On the other hand, social networks are excellent tools for staying in contact with family and friends, discovering new ideas and fresh perspectives, or simply having fun watching cat videos.

However, keep in mind that not everything you read on social media platforms such as Facebook is authentic. Therefore, at least once a week, abstain from joining any social network and devote time to establishing genuine, tangible relationships with others.

How about a brief reprieve from negative, self-defeating thoughts? At least once a day, refrain from self-criticism and accept yourself just as you are. Consider looking at the entire side of the glass!

3. Abstain from food.

Fasting is often associated with religious practices; however, this is not always the case. Recent research indicates that the body requires a rest period to heal, and fasting is a beautiful technique to reduce weight and rebalance your body. In addition, fasting halts the glycemic index's severe gridlock and helps organize your thoughts.

A day of fasting that is helpful to your health consists of 24 hours of drinking just water - no sweets or fruit juices. The point is to take a break, not maintain a steady sugar level. Individuals with health difficulties should see their physician before making any dietary modifications. Otherwise, this weight-loss and detoxification procedure is advised for any healthy adult!


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