Having a blocked Facebook account is one of the most frustrating issues a modern person may face. First of all, when you say you have a blocked Facebook account, you need to know what you mean by the word "blocked" to find the right solution.

Facebook may revoke your right to post to your timeline, write comments on others' posts, or simply log in to your account for a limited or permanent duration.

Any of these limitations are imposed on you, and they are announced by some time before they take effect. So you always know what to expect. Moreover, in the case of penalties that last a specific time, you are also notified when they expire. This way, you can let your virtual friends know that you won't be able to do certain things to interact with them.

Top reasons why your Facebook account has been blocked.

But more important than the blockage itself is the reason why you ended up in this situation. And you rarely realize it. This fact is because the message that Facebook sends you when it announces that you will be or that you have been partially or fully blocked is a preconceived one. It always refers to the "community standards" that you should read since your opened your account. And that you have committed to abide by strictly.

But since you have no idea why it is written there and especially how to interpret all that, even if you have the time and desire to study them, let me tell you why you are stuck:

You have a fake Facebook account. Specifically, none of the data you provided there about yourself, including photos, is real.

You have multiple Facebook accounts. You login to one or the other to check how those who denied you access are doing. Or keep a spare one just for the situations when Facebook blocks you.

You write insults, post indecent photos, harass other users. Remember that Facebook can block your account even if you do all this in private Messenger messages.

Use applications that automatically post ads or links to spam, phishing, viruses, etc., on Facebook. Facebook considers that your account has been infected or has been hacked by someone else in cases like these.

You're conservative. Although Facebook does not officially acknowledge this, those with traditional views of the world regularly face limitations on the right to post, comment, or enter the network, often leading to a permanent block.

Who can help me unlock my Facebook account?

The first thing to remember is that your Facebook activity is monitored almost exclusively through state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software. So if you somehow thought that there are employees whose job is to stay non-stop to analyze everything written and uploaded to the network, I have to tell you that you are sorely mistaken. It is impossible to track 2.5 billion active users using human labor.

It would be awful news if you wanted to be able to talk to someone humanely and convince him that he blocked your account by mistake. Unfortunately, Facebook does not even have a communication department with users. You can send your objections through the standard forms provided, but software analyzes most of them. And anyway, you will not receive any personalized reply, only the common messages sent to anyone in such a situation.

The good news is that, especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook software is constantly improving. For example, it usually unlocks you if you have been accidentally blocked, only this can take several days.

The best news is that if you run paid ads on Facebook, then you are a kind of VIP with preferential treatment. In this case, you have a human interlocutor to take over the messages, which can solve you in all cases.

What keeps my Facebook account from being blocked again?

So, what else can you do except consider the reasons I gave above and attempt to avoid them as much as possible? Almost all blocking cases happen due to a complaint made to you by a contributor. And which can be founded or not.

It is the reality: Facebook frequently establishes a presumption of guilt, and you are the one who must prove your innocence.

So be careful what you write, what comments, and what pictures and videos you upload on Facebook because you can wake up with a blocked account even for something you posted five years ago and don't even remember. Use your privacy settings properly so that not everyone sees what you post for those close to you (it's perfect for your safety).

It is good to have only one real account with your actual data, which you can hide from those who do not want to know too much about you. Remember that Facebook can always ask you for a copy of your ID or a real photo with you for verification, even if you are not a celebrity.

Be very careful if you are conservative! Facebook is thought of as a network that brings all people in the world closer together through what they have in common, without exposing the conceptions that differentiate them, which can often lead to conflicts. So if you are proud of the specific customs in your country, then be sure that Facebook has already targeted you even if you have never posted anything that offends people or groups of any kind.

How does Facebook do this? Well, don't forget that the application has access to all the information related to the sites you enter, that it analyzes your searches, likes, and all your activity on your phone, tablet, PC, or anywhere else you access it. Officially, you gave him these permissions when you created your account, so he could display your ads that fall into your area of ​​interest. But unofficially, no one knows what Facebook is doing with all this information.

Well, now that you comprehend how things are, I can only wish you success on Facebook!


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