There's a new car concept from Mini called Concept Aceman, and it's an early look at what the brand's smallest SUV will look like in 2023 when it goes into production. The Mini Countryman may appear smaller, but its 4.29-meter length makes it only 9 centimeters shorter than the Seat Ateca.

Given the brand's British roots, it didn't make sense to leave out an SUV below the Mini Countryman that could compete with the likes of the Volkswagen T-ROC or the Audi Q2 as well as the Hyundai KonaFord PumaRenault Captur, Seat Arona, and Mazda CX-5 in terms of size.

Fortunately, Mini has promised that a definitive version of the MINI Concept Aceman electric car it just unveiled will have a resolution in 2023. The only information we have so far is that the MINI Concept Aceman electric car is a five-door SUV with a length of 4.05 meters, which should not change much when the actual model is released.

An Audi Q8 has a width of 1.99 meters, which seems excessive for an urban model (believe me, it's noticeable on narrow streets). It stands at a more average height of 1.59 meters for a model of this type.

A five-passenger interior and a trunk with a capacity of no less than 350 liters are evident from the vehicle's futuristic exterior. With a large circular screen occupying the center of the dashboard, it's clear that this will be replaced by a system similar to the one currently used by other Mini models, which has been a Mini trademark since the car's conception.

The Mini's only mechanical claim is that it is an electric vehicle. Now it's up to us to let our creative juices flow. The current three-door Mini's platform and engine lineup (or at least a portion of it) make the most sense, given the vehicle's size and approach. If the electric version is called Mini Cooper SE, it will have the same 184 horsepower as the current Mini Cooper SE, as well as the same 234-mile range as the three-door SE.

Nevertheless, and despite the crusade for electrification that the BMW Group is on, we find it difficult to believe that this MINI Concept Aceman will do without combustion engines, at least initially. Diesel? Though it's no longer available in the three-door Mini Cooper, a 116-horsepower 2.0 D engine like the one found in the BMW 116d wouldn't be out of place in the Mini Aceman.


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