Ford and the Fleetpool Group from Cologne and participating Ford partners launch a special car lease offer. The Ford car subscription is now available via available. It starts with pre-configured vehicles from the Ford Focus, Fiesta, Puma, and Kuga model series and the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV. The contract term is always one year, with mileage allowances ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 kilometers. Without requiring a down payment or final installment, the monthly subscription rates include:

  • Car tax and utterly comprehensive insurance.
  • All required maintenance and inspection intervals.
  • Registration and broadcasting expenses.

The fixed charge includes seasonal tires as well. The consumer incurs only additional costs for gasoline or electricity and functional materials such as engine oil, AdBlue, or coolants. As a result, he benefits from the highest level of cost transparency imaginable.

Interested parties can complete the Ford car lease digitally and with just a few clicks via Fleetpool's modern online mobility shop - in line with the consumer behavior of the Netflix generation. Unique feature: The delivery and return of the vehicles take place via the local, participating Ford dealer. This is also available as a contact for upcoming service or repair measures and is the "face to the customer."

"Through the cooperation with Fleetpool, Ford's trading partners now have a trendsetting mobility offer that appeals to new, young customer groups and actively helps to shape the dynamic car subscription market," emphasizes Stefan Wieber, Sales Director Passenger Cars at Ford Werke GmbH. "The Ford car lease offers worry-free mobility through completely digital contract processing, cost control, and transparency as well as all-inclusive monthly rates without a down payment and final installment. With this innovative sales channel, which addresses the zeitgeist of use instead of owning, we are strengthening our brand and retaining the subscribers always in the Ford cosmos throughout the contract period."

"In contrast to the car lease of other manufacturers, Ford placed great value on including its trading partners in the Ford car subscription from the very beginning. Fleetpool was able to implement precisely this approach through in-house digital development," says Fleetpool Deputy CEO Alexander Kaiser. "The 'Car Subscription Dealer Management System' we developed combines the advantages of digital ordering with customer proximity to participating Ford partners." In addition, the Ford partner association was involved in the development from the start and was thus able to contribute valuable feedback from a retail perspective actively.

Ford's central storage for automobile leasing specifically for the new mobility offer assures vehicle availability and functions as an online marketplace. Fleetpool's Car Subscription Dealer Management System (SDM) is used to manage the subscribed automobiles. Additionally, the intuitive control software manages all communication between Ford partners and Fleetpool.

Car leases are in vogue and are showing significant growth rates. The market for car leases has developed positively in Germany in recent years. While there were only 31,000 active contracts in 2019, this number has more than doubled to an estimated 70,000 car subscriptions by the end of 2021. Management consultancy Roland Berger expects continued strong growth in the future and expects 388,000 car subscription customers in Germany by 2025. With its utterly digital processing, the new form of mobility is intended to appeal primarily to younger people with higher educational qualifications.

Further information is available from the Ford Auto Abo webshop at Examples:

Ford Fiesta mild-hybrid

Your Ford Fiesta is equipped with seasonal tires for the entire term. The wheelset that is not required can be exchanged and stored at a partner free of charge. The type of tires is determined by Ford and cannot be freely selected.

Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV

Features: navigation system, climate control, LED headlights, keyless (keyless entry), Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, DAB radio, Handsfree (Bluetooth), parking assistance front and rear, reverse camera, seat heating, light and rain sensors, panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control, high-beam assistant, collision warning, fatigue detection, emergency braking assistant, lane departure warning, blind-spot assist, traffic sign recognition.

Ford Puma mild-hybrid

The costs include the transport, insurance, processing after transport, and an initial technical inspection to ensure operational safety. In addition, Ford Auto Abo pays the road tax for your vehicle.


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