On its own merits, the Silence S01 has become one of the most popular electric scooters currently for sale in Europe. However, months ago, the Spanish brand released the S01 Plus version, with better components and sportier aesthetics, of which we now know its price.

The Spanish firm announced that the new Silence S01 Plus is priced at 7,500 euros (Spain). This makes a substantial leap concerning the conventional variant, now called Connected, justifying itself in a more competent technical sheet, with the same benefits extracted from its electric propulsion scheme. Among the most significant changes that the Silence S01 Plus version of the Connected benefits afrom, three take place in the cycle part, all aimed at offering a more dynamic behavior.

On the rear axle, a new shock absorber manufactured by Ollé stands out, in which the compression can be modified to harden or soften the rear suspension and make the S01 Plus ride more sporty. In addition, the rear axle is accompanied by a braking system manufactured by Galfer and Pirelli tires with a sportier cut than the more conventional versions.

To the cycle changes, part has added some novelties in the aesthetic section. This Plus version of the Silence S01 will exclusively enjoy a satin gray paint, accompanied by black and red graphics to accentuate the sporty image. The seat also has more elaborate upholstery than the conventional versions and contrasting stitching.

Silence does not mention changes in the propulsion system, although the benefits promise to be up to the changes in the cycle part since it makes the 0 to 50 faster in just 3 seconds, according to Silence.

The engine, then, nominally yields 7 kW while the maximum power is 9 kW (9.4 and 12 hp, respectively ). The electric motor, located in the rear wheel hub, is powered by a 5.4 kWh capacity batteryAs a result, the Silence S01 Plus manages to homologate 133 kilometers based on the WTMC cycle with a full charge. While the maximum speed under normal circumstances of both the S01 Connected and the Plus is 95 kilometers per hour, the latter enjoys the Push-To-Pass (P2P) system, through which it reaches 100 kilometers per hour on time.

One of the most striking features of the Silence S01 Plus and the conventional versions is its trolley-type battery. Thanks to its trolley format, it is removable and easily transportable, which does not suffer from its weight. This practical aspect is complemented by others of the same type, such as a flat floor and capacity under the seat for two helmets.

Due to price, performance, and technical specifications, the Silence S01 Plus can benefit from the 1,100 euros of help to purchase electric scooters and motors. If state aid is subtracted from the initial price of 7,500 euros, the price will be around 6,400 euros.


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