The new BMW iX1 is now in the final stages of the series production phase after undergoing the final tests at the BMW Group's winter test center in Swedish winter landscapes. The countdown to the third generation of the BMW X1 - and the first fully electric Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) in the premium compact segment - has begun. The new BMW iX1 successfully passed driving dynamics tests under demanding weather conditions at the BMW Group's winter test center in Swedish Arjeplog. Another fully electric model from the BMW Group has thus reached the final phase of the series development process.

The tests in low temperatures and on icy road surfaces focus on the BMW iX1's electric motors, electric four-wheel drive, high-voltage battery, power electronics, and battery cell technology. With the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology, the BMW iX1 builds on the electrical technologies BMW has shown on previous models.

The winter tests have provided valuable data for the controlled thermal control of the battery to create short charging times and long-range, even in minus degrees. With two electric motors (one on the front axle and one on the rear), coupled with xDrive four-wheel drive, the BMW iX1 has the basis for the typical BMW balance between comfort and sportiness.

The BMW iX1 is the brand's third SAV with a fully electric driveline. Production is expected to pick up speed later this autumn, and the first deliveries will take place in early 2023. But already this summer, the Swedish dealers will open up to receive orders for the car.

The all-electric model is based on a flexible vehicle architecture and manufactured on the same assembly line as the combustion and plug-in hybrid variants.

With consumption of 18.4 kWh to 17.3 kWh, the BMW iX1 has a range of 413-438 km. The values ​​are estimated according to the car's current development stage.


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