Automobile markets are highly competitive. It is about more than simply quality, driving comfort, and elegance; it is about something specific. As a result, automobile manufacturers are increasingly experimenting with novel concepts and design aspects to differentiate themselves from the competition and increase and keep their client base.

A strong logo boosts brand equity. At first sight, a memorable sign is easily identifiable. Additionally, a solid corporate logo enables you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Nonetheless, businesses and corporations no longer rely solely on their distinct logos to determine themselves in the brand jungle. Rather than that, the uniqueness of the items is emphasized through additional features or specific aspects. Today, globally recognized brands demonstrate that this also holds for the automobile business.

Tesla, the electric car automaker, has previously delighted its customers with Easter Eggs like open flames or games on the board display. However, the word originated in programming and gaming circles, where Easter Eggs refer to a variety of hidden functionalities, secret levels, and other features.

Nonetheless, Tesla is not the only company that delights its followers with tiny surprises. Opel pioneered this practice. As a result, there is much to learn about the inhabitants of Rüsselsheim. However, the Opel cars have no extra games or features, only a filigree shark that lurks in various locations throughout the vehicle, depending on the model.

An explanation for why the Opel automobile firm picked this specific animal is readily discovered. When Dietmar Finger, an Opel designer, developed new drawings for the sidewall of the glove box of the Opel Corsa D about 16 years ago, his son at home peeked over his shoulder. And he identified a shark in the drawing's transverse ribs. Therefore, why not incorporate a predator directly into the design? After the executive floor approved the concept, the shark was also allowed to board other Opel cars. The client is now responsible for locating the animal. Because each model is unique, the Opel shark is never in the exact location.

Therefore, if you drive an Opel MantaOpel GrandlandOpel Rocks-e, or any Opel car, you may now search. Additionally, there is some assistance: Depending on the Opel model and equipment, the shark may be located on the center console shelf, in the footwell, or the traditional manner in the glove compartment. However, regardless of where the shark leaves its tracks and where you locate it in your car, one thing is sure: the secret emblem has long generated excitement among Opel lovers and subtly boosts the car manufacturer's brand value.


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