There is a person between you and the job you want. If she thinks you are a good fit for the job, she sends your CV to the company. So, it is essential not to do certain things in a job interview that could hurt your chances of getting hired. It could be hard for people who do not take their relationship with a recruiter seriously to get the job they want. It is also essential to follow the tips that we give in the next part of the article if your career is just starting.

It would help if you did not do some things when you talked to a recruiter.

Do not go over the top with your friendship.

It is their job to help you through the whole process of getting a job. Recruiters are usually friendly and excited people. However, do not forget that they are professionals, so treat them like that. Be friendly, but not too close. As much as possible, try not to talk about your personal life or make jokes. The golden rule: do not say or do anything you would not do in front of your boss.

Do not ask for help with your job.

The recruiter wants to make sure you have a good time during the hiring process, so they want to help you. However, as a rule, recruiters are not counselors. Therefore, it would be best if you did not ask them for advice on writing a resume or planning your career.

You can ask recruiters about the company or the field in which the company does business, but try to talk only about the job you are applying for. It would be best if you also thought of a few questions to ask the manager because you need to make him like you.

Do not ask for information about other people running for the same job as you.

It is only you who has to worry about getting the job. Because recruiters are not your friends, please do not ask them about other people who want the job you want. It also will not help you look insecure about your abilities and skills. However, you can ask questions about the process of getting hired or the job that is up for competition.

It does not say that it should get more attention than other people.

It is essential to know that you are not alone in searching for the job you want. Recruiters are always ready to help, but they will not defend you in front of your boss. They want to find the right person for the job. Do not do it when you ask a recruiter to say good things about you to the manager. This job will be yours even if you are not the right person.

Make sure that you make the best impression possible on the person who will hire you.

It is essential to take the lead and try to be assertive because this will make him think you are confident in your strength, a hard worker, and a candidate who has a lot of promise. Remember that you need to be an excellent person to be a good recruiter.


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